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13 wedding cake trends to consider

Wedding cakes just keep getting more and more creative.

The wedding cake is the cherry on top of the wedding day sundae. It’s the centerpiece of your reception, and the inspiration for its design can come from almost anywhere. While traditionally most wedding cakes are towering, multi-layered, mostly white affairs, new trends are changing all of that. Inspiration for your cake can come from your wedding locale, your love of minimalist design, or even your favorite painting.


Source: Lauren Durden, The Daily Meal


Here are a few of the latest wedding cake trends to spark your imagination, inspired by everything from the bride’s gown to the groom’s love of the great outdoors. The design of your wedding cake can be as creative as you’d like, while still keeping things elegant. All you need now is a willing creative baker on board and you’re set for design dessert bliss!


Bridal Gown Inspired

Cakes with details like lace and ruffles can work for many different styles of weddings, from modern to country. Draw inspiration from the bride’s gown and add lace patterns or delicate ruffles to your wedding cake for a detailed design.



Buttercream is experiencing a resurgence in popularity after years of fondant reigning as king of the wedding cake icing. Aside from the obvious flavor factor, buttercream cakes have a charming, rustic feel. Ask your baker to either make a completely smooth finish on the cake for a simple feel or use piping and icing spatulas to create subtle designs in the buttercream.


Earth Inspired

As the trend in rustic, simple weddings continues, cakes are taking on some of the wood- and earth-inspired themes. Earthy features like wooden cake stands made from slices of tree trunks, tree-inspired designs, wildflowers, moss, and leaves help highlight nature-inspired wedding themes.


Floral Accents

Rosettes and Sugar Flowers. Floral accents have always been a huge wedding cake trend, but this year we’re seeing more and more cakes that are employing intricate and realistic sugar flowers rather than the standard buttercream rose. These floral accents look beautiful both when placed sparingly on the cake as accents and when covering the cake completely. One of the biggest trends right now is the rosette cake — wedding cakes completely covered in delicate sugar rosettes. They make a huge impact at any reception.


Glitz and Glam

For the couple that likes things with a little more zing, this next trend is for you. Cakes with a little extra glitz and glamour are growing in popularity. That means metallic finishes, cakes decked out in sequins or beads, and edible sparkles. You can go as big or as small as you’d like — opt for a Gastby-esque metallic Art Deco design, or go modern with a few splashes of sequins or glitter.


Hanging Cakes

Why relegate your cake to a simple cake stand or table when it could become a sculptural centerpiece at your reception? These gravity-defying cakes, which take inspiration from stained-glass lanterns and chandeliers, up the wow factor. Not sure you can pull off hanging a heavy cake from the ceiling of your venue? Try hanging multiple smaller cakes or cupcakes instead.



Naked is the new normal in cakes. These unfussy, unfinished designs are best with cakes that involve different cake batters and fillings. While they have frosting on each layer, the sides of the cake are left unfrosted for a modern twist on the traditional wedding cake.


No Cake

What if you don’t really enjoy cake all that much, but still want a breathtaking dessert for your big day? Not to worry — traditional French cream puff towers, also known as croquembouches, have you covered. These towers of handheld desserts are usually held together by a swirling cloud of spun caramel. If you’re looking for a more modern take on the croquembouche, try a tower of pretty pastel French macaroons to delight your guests.



As ombre (the gradual blending of one color into another) continues to be seen on runways, it’s also spreading to bakeries. You can even incorporate other trends with the ombre idea to create stunning wedding cakes. For a traditional touch, start with a light pastel hue in buttercream and slowly blend out to white. For a more modern take, use sugar flowers or ruffles to create a textural ombre from the bottom to the top of your cake.


Watercolor or Painted

Get inspired by your favorite painter or the nearest art gallery and go artsy with your wedding cake design. Ethereal, hand-painted watercolor designs, geometric Mondrian-inspired modernist lines, and even reproductions of your favorite Van Gogh are all up for interpretation. Choose one layer to deck out in artsy duds, or cover the entire cake for a dramatic dessert. Make sure to keep the stand and other accents simple so as not to distract from the design of the cake.



Nothing screams decadent like having your entire cake gilded with gold fondant. A metallic cake can stand alone on a stark white tablecloth and truly doesn’t much else decoration-wise. This cake will surely have guests talking for days to come.



For an outdoor wedding with Ball Mason jars and tea-light candles in every nook and cranny, try picking a more rustic cake. Add natural foliage and opt for the hand-frosted look rather than smooth fondant.


Quirky Toppers

Rigged cake-toppers are boring and sometimes even a bit awkward. Show your guests your true personality with a cake topper that defines your relationship. For the laid-back couple, try a topper in a more relaxed position. For the more raucous couple, try a topper in a funny pose. You can even forgo the figurine topper altogether and go for an animal, flower, or monogram representation.


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