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16 wedding trends for 2016

Here’s the top 16 for 2016… 16 wedding trends that are going to be huge this year!

You can just picture it now, your friend walking down the aisle last year wearing a dress with intricate lace sleeves, your cousin’s minimalist wedding with a bouquet full of greenery and the multi-day wedding of your high school BFF whose pictures you saw all over Facebook. These were just some of the biggest wedding trends of 2015, and as the year came to a close (and you started to get all those save-the-dates for 2016 weddings), we all started to wonder: What will weddings look like this year? Wedding expert Mindy Weiss, Wedding Paper Divas’ style partner, is here to save the day and give us her predictions for the biggest wedding trends of 2016. Whether you’re a guest, a bridesmaid or even the bride herself, you’ll find a lot to look forward to this year. From this year’s biggest celebrity bride inspiration to how your family pup might participate, here are the gonna-be-big wedding trends of 2016.


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Daring wedding gowns… The biggest shift from 2015 to 2016 is in wedding gowns, according to Weiss. “Wedding dresses have gotten so much sexier,” she says. “Brides are more daring these days and really want to make a big fashion statement with their gowns.” A gorgeous low cut or a sexy back, like Princeville by Katie May ($3400), is a beautiful example of how to embrace this trend.


“Rustic Chic”… The rustic wedding trend is also here to stay, but 2016 will see a more glamorous take on the theme – what I like to call rustic chic.” Expect to see it all in the details, like chandeliers inside of a barn or china on a natural wooden table. “Couples still love the outdoorsy feel of the rustic trend, but are making it a bit more luxe.” This couple from The Knot knew how to add the right elegant touches to their wooden decor.


Pops of bold color… As with years past, Pantone’s colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, will surely make their way into weddings in fashion and florals. But the real trend will be a bigger emphasis on bright colors. “Soft greens and creams will continue to be big,” Weiss tells us, “but with pops of bolder colors like plum and coral,” like in this bouquet of beautiful florals and greenery.


Dramatic beauty… Second outfits for the reception are still popular, but brides are now upping the ante with a more dramatic look to go with it. “Brides are changing their hair and makeup to go with the new look,” Weiss says. “They tend to go a little more subtle for the ceremony, but will change up the hair and add a bit more dramatic makeup for the reception.” Go from a basic bridal look to a smokey eye in your favorite shade for that ceremony-to-reception transition.


Mountain weddings… With destination weddings still continuing to grow, couples are now thinking outside the box instead of the traditional beach wedding. “They’re taking it to the mountains! Places like Aspen, Utah and Montana are becoming big destination wedding locations. Couples are really trying to do things no one else has done and give their guests a unique experience.”


Rehearsal jumpsuits… Moving away from dresses a bit for the rehearsal dinner, I’m seeing a lot of beautiful jumpsuits — they’re very ‘in’!


Minimalist decor… “Couples are also leaning toward simpler decor,” Weiss says. “But this doesn’t mean sparse!” No longer will we be seeing tall, lavish centerpieces. Instead, lush, low florals are what couples are picking for a more understated look with smaller, more impactful decor pieces. “Couples might also start booking smaller venues to make their simple decor feel grander.”


Comfort food… “I’m seeing a big trend toward comforting, homespun food.” Couples are still spending plenty of money on good food, but “people want to eat what they’re familiar with” these days.


Classic cocktails… The signature wedding cocktail may be a thing of the past. “Couples are going back to classic Mad Men-era cocktails,” Weiss says. Think an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan or drinks made with other classic liquors like whiskey and bourbon. A perfect cocktail for a spring or summer wedding is the Mint Julep in copper mugs.


Embracing ombre… “I see lots of ombre color in decor and fabrics,” Weiss tells us. “It’s especially beautiful when done with pastels and watercolors.” Whether it’s with flowers, bridesmaids dresses or even the wedding cake, ombre is a unique way to incorporate more color into your nuptials.


Broaches in hair… “Lots of brides will definitely be striving for Sofia Vergara’s wedding look in the coming year.” Instead of a veil, the new trend will be to rock an interesting piece in your hair. “I’m seeing a lot of brooches made into hair pieces, similar to what Sofia did, which is gorgeous,” Weiss tells us.


Last minute photos… Couples are opting for more casual and fun photos and are asking their photographers to stay until the very end of the event “to capture those moments where everyone is really having a great time.” Don’t forget those Thank You card photos too!


Romantic lighting… “People don’t want to look purple in their Instagram photos,” Weiss laughs. This could be the main reason why colored lighting is no longer what couples are going for, instead opting for beautiful lighting options like hanging tree lights. “Couples want more natural, amber tones and are opting for softer, romantic lighting.”


‘90s playlist… The ’80s jams are out, and the ’90s tunes are in! “I chalk this up to the age demographic and the millennials who are getting married. The ’90s are the new throwback for them!”


Pets in weddings… Having your pets participate in your wedding in some way is going to continue to be a hot trend, but now with a twist: “We’ll see more pets in things like save the dates or engagement announcements as well in the actual ceremony,” Weiss says.


Relaxed events… Last but not least, couples are taking all of the fuss out of The Big Day. “Couples are also really focused on having their events feel relaxed and zen – they don’t want too much clutter! They’re looking for the ambiance and decor to be peaceful.” A relaxed feel captures an easy and effortlessly beautiful day.


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