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7 fun & creative wedding and engagement photo ideas

Brides and wedding photographers don’t always agree on everything, but one thing they definitely both want is to create a great set of photos that stand out from the crowd… photos you can treasure forever.

To that end, we’ve scoured the best wedding photography on 500px to come up with some creative ideas that you can consider talking to YOUR photographer about.


Source: DL Cade, Huffington Post


Some ideas are going to be harder to do than others, but print out this article and talk about them with your wedding photographer. They’ll get to stretch their creative muscles, and you’ll end up with fun and creative wedding and engagement photos that set you apart.


Go meta in wedding and engagement photo ideas

1. Go meta

Add a layer of separation between yourself and the photographer. Not every photo has to be a direct photo of you and your sweetheart. Why not a photo of a photo, a photo of a camera, or something captured in a reflection. We’ve seen some really creative ways to use this idea on 500px!


Photos in your photos in wedding and engagement photo ideas

2. Put photos in your photos

Especially useful for engagement shoots, we immediately fell in love with this idea when we saw it used in the shot above. The ‘perfect’ engagement shoot is there to capture your sweet history and bright future at the same time.

The future is easy: it’s in your eyes, your expression, and the radiating love you have for one another. The past is trickier… unless of course you literally sprinkle it all over the scene like Antonija did in the photo above.


Get wet in wedding and engagement photo ideas

3. Get wet

Unless you happen to be gremlins, consider getting wet for your engagement or wedding shoot. Some of our favorite wedding shots involve getting wet, be that in the rain (above) or in the ocean. Of course, this isn’t exactly a “day of the wedding” type of shoot, so plan accordingly.


Get elevated in wedding and engagement photo ideas

4. Get elevated

We LOVE the top-down shot. Making sure to keep safety first, see if your photographer can get on top of a sturdy ladder or another stable surface, and discover a totally new perspective. Plus, your photographer can use yours or your bride’s fluffy dress to add flair to the shot…


Light painting in wedding and engagement photo ideas

5. Light painting

Getting creative with one genre of photography often means mixing in another for kicks. Have you ever seen a steel wool wedding photo? Probably not. Again, make sure you’re being safe, but a photo like the one above is sure to wow, and if you’re not keen on working with fire you can always use flashlights or other light sources to have fun with light painting.


Use the architecture in wedding and engagement photo ideas

6. Use the architecture

Whether it’s a spiral staircase or a symmetrical building, work with your photographer to pick your surroundings carefully. A beautifully designed building or even the venue where you’re getting married might have just the thing to kick your wedding photos up to the next level.


Go prop crazy in wedding and engagement photo ideas

7. Go prop crazy

Surround yourself in baubles, or lay down in a fun make-believe scene created from whatever objects happen to be around. If you want fun wedding and engagement photos, be prepared to have some fun!

Bring props, make props, find props, go crazy!


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