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Bridal shorts are the new wedding trend for brides who are too cool to wear gowns

Are you a bride-to-be? Do you plan on running, jumping, and possibly even hiking at your wedding? Perhaps, instead of a gown, you should try bridal shorts! Rather than your typical ol’ poofy dress, or even the unconventional pink wedding gown or bridal crop top, these shorts allow you to just do whatever you feel at your own wedding. You can dance freely (or freaky), jump in your partner’s arms, manspread … whatever you want, you can do without fear of showing your bridal butt.


Source: Samantha Escobar, The Gloss


So, who’s behind this quirky twist on bridal fashion? Shockingly, it’s not Zooey Deschanel, it’s J. Crew! They debuted this intriguing take for the Spring 2015 season, and gosh, it looks cool. Given that the brand has been doing fun separates and rompers for its bridal section, these shorts prove that this retailer is only getting more trendy as the rise of the unconventional wedding look continues. Naturally, just like everything else white and intended for weddings, it comes at a higher than average price: the Laine Sequin Shorts cost $450 while the coordinating Laine Racerback Sequin Shell tank below costs $400.

Personally, I would totally wear these for an outdoor wedding. As I mentioned in my crowdsourcing post about what I planned on wearing for my burlesque show, I am extremely comfortable in fancy rompers and evening jumpsuits because they often flatter my figure more than, say, the typical a-line dress. And if you’re not as into the idea of wearing shorts as an actual ceremony look, you could always pop these babies on for the reception! Plus, they would be one of those rare bridal outfits you could wear again after your wedding, making it a practical and pretty choice.

The fact that bridal shorts are a thing now makes me very, very happy. It should make us all happy, this means that comfy clothes for weddings are trendy now more than ever! Now, if we could only make eating ice cream throughout the ceremony a totally cool, popular, normal thing to do, too.


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