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Destination wedding packing tips

After spending months preparing for your wedding, it’s a delight to finally reach the point of getting ready to pack. Now you can start dreaming of sunshine and sand between your bridal toes and jetting off to say “I-Do” in your chosen destination wedding paradise.


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Destination weddings, with a small gathering of family and close friends are growing in popularity, resulting in the need to be even more careful than ever to ensure that all items needed are packed. Many brides-to-be use a checklist to help them remember to take care of pre-wedding tasks; the same concept can help you prepare for your destination wedding. These packing tips will let you focus on one another on your wedding day and relax the minute your flight takes off.


Packing Tips for Destination Weddings

Get started three weeks in advance.

Three weeks before leaving for your wedding, you should lay out all the clothing you and your partner plan to take. Select outfits, add accessories and then place everything aside for packing day. Keep your destination’s climate and dress code in mind while selecting attire to ensure you’ve got what you need for various activities and events.

Plan your checked and carry-on luggage.

Most items can go in your checked luggage, but it’s wise to keep your wedding day attire and jewelry in your carry-on bags. If the worst case scenario occurs and your luggage is lost, you’ll still have what you need for your wedding day. Wedding rings and any heirloom pieces you plan to bring with should also be packed in your carry-on bags. As you board the plane, let the flight attendants know that you’re carrying on your wedding attire.

Send in advance.

Special items needed for your wedding reception can be packed and sent to location ahead. Depending on the destination, you should allow at least six weeks for these items to arrive at the wedding venue. Work with a destination wedding coordinator who’s based where your wedding will be so you have someone there to receive the package and check the contents.

Rely on lists and back-up help.

No matter how excellent your memory is, there’s too much to remember in the weeks leading up to the departure to your destination wedding. Maintain lists for everything and enlist people in your wedding party or family to help you get everything done.

Upon arrival.

Getting there is half the battle! After you arrive, take time to check through your entire luggage to ensure everything’s reached there in one piece. Hang up clothing, organize jewelry and get wedding ceremony and reception items to the proper venue. Check with the caterer and baker to make sure everything’s ready to go. Walk through the ceremony location, and schedule time to relax together the night before your big day with a spa treatment or romantic dinner.

The day before.

The hours before your wedding ceremony are likely to be filled with appointments for hair and makeup, and getting ready with your wedding party. A good night’s sleep will help you avoid stress will handling the excitement. If times allows, a wedding day massage can help melt away the stress and put you in the right frame of mind to relax and enjoy your wedding.


Leave Your Cares Behind

One of the most wonderful things about a destination wedding is the ability to be far removed from your regular lives so you can focus solely on yourselves. Thorough planning before your wedding day will allow you to begin your life as a married couple without carrying over any wedding-related stress. Rather than having your special occasion marred by forgotten items or lost wedding attire, you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful surroundings and the memories of a fantastic destination wedding that went off without a hitch. Just don’t forget to pack the rings and of course the suntan lotion.


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