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Fall floral trends for 2015

Fall is a lovely season to tie the knot. With the leaves turning overhead and the weather cooling down, it is the perfect time to get married indoors or outdoors. Fall foliage adds an incredible splash of vibrant color to wedding photos, and fall flowers make wonderful bouquets and centerpieces for your celebration. If you’re planning an autumn wedding this year, here are 5 major floral design trends to inspire you!


Source: Flower Explosion


1. Work with the fall color palate

Click here to view Pantone’s fashion color report for fall 2015. These are the colors you’re going to be seeing in fashion design going into autumn. As you can see, marsala, Pantone’s Color of the Year, is still front and center, a rich, muted earthy wine color with a grounded brownish hue.

The left side of this palate is dominated by earthy colors. Dried herb, desert sage, and stormy weather are all warmer colors, despite being in the cooler part of the spectrum, and would make wonderful soft colors for your wedding. The golden oak buff and the gentle warmth of cadmium orange can brighten things up, and if you want some cooler hues to work in, Biscay bay, reflecting pond, and amethyst orchid add a nice touch. Cashmere rose is a lovely soft, cool pink which is very romantic, and which would be perfect for any wedding. These colors celebrate the soft, natural beauty of fall. Use them to determine your color scheme, and to help you pick flowers for your wedding bouquet.


2. Go English

English flowers are really popular this year, and that is a trend which is going to continue into fall. Even though some English flowers, like peonies, have had their season, other English flowers continue to bloom into early fall, like hydrangeas and dahlias. Others, like ranunculus, are year-round. And of course you can never go wrong with romantic English roses. English flowers are perfect for a garden wedding, especially if you have the English-inspired landscaping to go with the theme.


3. Wrap it in wool

Wrapping the stems of your wedding bouquet in wool is another trend which is blazing across Europe. It is particularly popular in the UK, so it works great with the English flowers above. The look has a soft, natural, homespun effect, and adds a rustic touch to any bouquet. Rustic is another big trend this year, so wool is the perfect intersection between 2015 floral styles! It is a particularly fitting style for fall or winter, since wool conveys warmth.

If you like the idea of wrapping your bouquet but you are not crazy about wool, there are so many other materials you can use. Burlap is cute if you want to stay rustic, or you can go with lace or ribbon.


4. Work in the greenery

Greenery is huge this year! This is probably in part because so many brides are trying to go with a natural, local look. There are all kinds of greens you can work into your bouquet. Fresh herbs, ivy, ferns, succulents, and other greens can all make a lovely accompaniment to your more traditional wedding flowers. While you might think that this is a big look for spring, it can add a splash of startling contrast and freshness to autumn-themed bouquets. It also looks particularly stunning in table runners.


5. Hang your blooms

Hanging decorations are really big in 2015, a floral trend which will only get bigger in fall! There are so many ways you can incorporate hanging floral décor throughout your wedding ceremony and reception spaces. Hang flowers in mason jars from signs, or from chairs or benches lining your ceremony aisle, or even from the branches of obliging trees. Fall is the perfect time of year to do this. It’s always easier hanging decorations from bare branches than branches which are full of foliage. Along with flowers in mason jars and pomanders, you can also hang beautiful homemade lanterns. There are a lot of different ways you can create these.

Many weddings now also feature hanging blooms as centerpieces for the reception, instead of flowers on the tables. Hanging flowers creates a whimsical, festive, rustic atmosphere. Check out these photos for inspiration. There are both indoor and outdoor ideas here, and all of them are beautiful and create an amazing ambiance.


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