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John Legend could sing at your wedding or party

Do you want John Legend to perform at your Wedding? Anniversary? Hot date? Birthday party? It could cost you as little as $10. Just don’t bring any clowns.

The Grammy-winning “All of Me” crooner is offering himself as a prize with a charity raffle. Each entry goes toward rebuilding the auditorium at the former South High School in Springfield, Ohio, his alma mater, through his organization, the Show Me Campaign, which helps impoverished youth. A minimum donation of $10 will get you 100 chances to get Legend to perform for you.

“Hey, I’m John Legend, arguably, one of the most romantic people in the world,” he says in a YouTube Video posted on the raffle’s website, while playing on a keyboard adorned with red rose petals. “Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Love is in the air and I’m feeling very inspired to spread the love. That’s why I want to sing a private show for you. Anywhere! Even your wedding! And if you’re already married, that’s cool, let’s celebrate your anniversary.”

“Not married? Not a problem,” he continued. “I’ll sweeten up that hot date and get you to that next step…of marriage, of course.”

He says he does not sing “weird cover songs,” with one (justifiable) exception, he then launches into part of Color Me Badd’s seductive 1991 hit “I Wanna Sex You Up.”

“Yes, I can sing that at your wedding, too,” he says.

On the website, he also says backyard barbecues are also a possibility, as are toddler’s birthday parties, “as long as there’s no clown.”

The raffle ends on March 26. In addition to having Legend perform, the winner will also get the chance to hang out with him, the website states…



Source: Corinne Heller, E! Online


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