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More Funeral Homes Becoming Wedding Venues

Funeral home weddings? Funeral homes aren’t just for funerals anymore… businesses that once focused almost entirely on honoring the dead are now open to an array of events as they seek to add revenue. When you think about places to have a wedding, a church or outdoor garden are probably some of the first things that pop into your mind.


Source: Justin Dougherty, News 9, Oklahoma City


But now, many people are deciding to say “I do” at their local funeral home. It’s all in an effort by funeral homes to revive their revenue.

A new report by the Associated Press found funeral home owners are seeing their profits shrink as people opt for more low-cost funerals. One owner said they need to find new ways to keep growing and make money.

So, to do that, many are turning their buildings into wedding venues.

According to Forbes magazine, the average funeral can cost between $8,000 to $10,000. On the flip side, a wedding can cost close to $30,000. Several funeral home operators are also opening their doors because they said there is a lack of good wedding venues within their communities.

It’s not just lovebirds drawn to funeral homes. Several expecting mothers are also having their baby showers there.

Funeral directors agree on one thing. There must be a good divide between the celebration and those mourning.


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