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Personalize your Las Vegas wedding vows

There are so many different possibilities for getting hitched in Las Vegas. From Elvis impersonators to elegant chapels, from themed weddings to drive by “I dos,” the options are limitless. There is one thing you can do in almost any kind of ceremony that would truly honor the uniqueness of your union — include personal vows.


Source: Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, Huffington Post


Since my hubby is also a wedding officiant and we preside over so many unique weddings, we once renewed our own wedding vows in Las Vegas, with an Elvis impersonator who is the only ordained Elvis in town. We are not fans of gambling at all but we have a great appreciation for Las Vegas wedding chapels.

Personalized vows are meant to provide a sacred moment in which you can express your truest feeling for each other. They can be part of even the wackiest wedding. You may be driving in a pink Cadillac or in the roller coaster atop the Stratosphere … no matter, the vows can still be real! Speak with your officiant (or the person who arranges your ceremony) in advance, whenever possible, about where vows fit into your ceremony.

For our vow renewal, my husband did all his vows using titles and lines from Elvis songs, and they still held deep meaning. And it was fun to share something so personal in the ceremony.

Here are some tips for writing your Las Vegas wedding vows…


Ways To Say I Love You

There are many ways to weave vows into your ceremony. For example, your vows can be repeat-after-the-officiant style or they can be read to one another. You can utter them as part of your I dos, or speak them when you exchange rings. You can each decide on different vow, or share the same vows. You can even speak the same vow to one another simultaneously; or you can read from one long vow or statement, with bride and groom alternating lines. If you don’t want to say much, you can ask to include the promises you would like to make in a longer question of intent (which your officiant will ask you), to which you only have to answer “I do.” It’s best not to try to memorize your vows. On your wedding day, the mind goes into Wedding La-La Land … it is too much to ask of yourself.


Creative Ways To Express Your Commitment

You can find your vows in poetry, popular songs or even greeting cards. You can also source ideas from the faiths or cultures you were born into. For example, from the Jewish tradition comes the soulful line from Song of Solomon, “I am my beloveds, and my beloved it mine” and the concept of soul mates can be found in the Zohar or the Bible. Some couples adapt vows from the 7 Steps (known as Saptapadi) in the Hindu faith, such as “We will share each other’s joys and sorrows with courage and strength.” You can find lovely material from any spiritual tradition and adapt it into your vows.


Write Your Own Vows

If you do want to write your own vows, take a moment to reconnect to the energy and magic that made you want to marry this person, and let the feelings flow. Jot down some notes:

– What do you love about this man/woman?
– What feeling pour over you when you think of his/her love for you?
– What are your hopes and dreams for your married life?
– What promises would you like to make?


Next, Write A First Draft

Begin by sharing why you love him/her (including cute and funny reasons) and letting him/her know how he/she makes you feel. Next, share things you look forward to experiencing together. Sprinkle in promises you would like to make. Summarize by sharing how grateful you are for his/her love and the opportunity to share your lives. Then go through the first draft; edit or add in new thoughts. Don’t be afraid to use humor – if that’s your style. (“I promise never to change the channel when the Yankee’s are on,” for example).


Speak From The Heart

No matter what kind of wedding you opt for, or what kind of vows you choose, let your sentiments come from the heart. They do not have to be long. Approach them with a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart) and make them real. Those are the BEST wedding vows.


Adapted from “Your Perfect Wedding Vows: A Guide to Romantic and Loving Words for Your Ceremony”.


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