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Say ‘I Do’ to planning your wedding with apps from IFTTT

IFTTT has brought us some great apps to help us do more with less – less fuss, less work, less worry. So, when it comes to planning your wedding, the IFTTT apps can help you reduce the stress you are already experiencing.

The following are just a few of the ways you can use Do Camera and Do Note to help plan your wedding:

Did you finally find that gorgeous $300 pair of heels that perfectly match your dress? Open your Do Note app, click on the Google Drive recipe, and this item will then be added to your wedding budget spreadsheet.


Source: Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice


Did you find the perfect, pink wedding cake at a local bakery? Open your Do Camera app, snap a picture of that cake, and using the Evernote recipe, it is automatically added to your wedding notebook in Evernote. Have you been wedding dress shopping and want to know which one your mom thinks is the right choice? Open your Do Camera app, choose the email recipe, and have the pictures of you in your potential wedding gowns automatically sent to your mom’s Gmail account.

Once you choose your recipe, the rest is a breeze. Just sign into the app you are connecting in your recipe and then each time you open the app you just click a button.

Recipes like this are exactly what the IFTTT apps are all about. They have so many recipes from which to choose, from those that will automatically post your wedding pictures to Facebook to those that will wish you a happy first anniversary next year.

Here’s some more wedding inspired recipes, courtesy of IFTTT:

– Save your Wedding’s Instagram #Hashtag Photos to Dropbox

– Tell loved ones who weren’t able to join your wedding you’re thinking of them with a photo from the dance floor in just one click

– Update your wedding Google Spreadsheet budget in a click

– Keep track of wedding notes in Google Drive

– Automatically post wedding Instagram photos and posts on your wedding Facebook page

– Save all your Instagram photos to Dropbox

For more recipes, be sure to visit the IFTTT website.


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