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Somerhalder / Reed wedding planner, Andrea Freeman, shares her best tips

Celebrity wedding planner Andrea Freeman has been the mastermind behind many gorgeous ceremonies, receptions, and more. Now, she’s happy to provide planning tips EXCLUSIVELY to that will help your special day go smoothly. Be sure to check them out so you can have a wedding as perfect as Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder did in April 2015!


Source: Lauren Cox, Hollywood Life


Location is everything

Celebrities like to be ahead of trends when it comes to wedding locations, but they also like to keep the location personal. Since the wedding location sets the tone for the entire event make sure you select a spot that’s important to you as a couple. Private estates, floral gardens, rustic ranches, vineyards and destination venues with breath-taking ocean views are all good options to consider.


Welcome baskets

Are such a luxurious treat for your out-of-town wedding guests and exactly the kind of detailed comfort that celebrities request in each room. Make sure that your baskets contain something sweet, something salty and a refreshing beverage to get started. For that added special touch you can also a designer bath robe along with a personal note, a list of local restaurants and amenities.


Lounge set-ups

Anticipating your guests’ needs is the sign of a good host and celebrity clients often request lounge furniture as part of their celebration because they want their guests to feel comfortable sitting out a dance or two but to still feel like part of the party. Custom couches, plush pillows and even blankets for outdoor events help to create a warm and inviting ambiance.


Keep your look fresh

Celebrities love to change looks for their weddings and often have more than one designer gown on hand to keep their look fresh and fun. If you want to wow with fashion, like an A-lister, but don’t want to buy multiple gowns a great option is to go with a designer that does a convertible dress. Try a sleek strapless dress with a removable overskirt. After your ceremony remove the skirt, bustle your train, and let down your hair and magically have a new look. Just remember it’s not about designer labels or the latest trends. It’s about you, your body, and what feels best so have fun with this!


Highlight your personal style

Celebrities spare no expense creating personalized touches that infuse their personal entertaining style throughout their event. His and her’s signature drinks for cocktail hour, monogramed napkins, compostable plates or fine china, and custom gifts/favors, all leave a lasting impression and help your guests connect with you as a couple.


Never lose sight of the real reason for your wedding celebration

To celebrate with treasured family and friends. Sure it will be fun to be in the spotlight but don’t forget to step away from the crowd for a moment and savor a private and special moment together. Celebrities often plan an elaborate spread for cocktail hour so that their guests are well taken care of while they slip away to capture their first precious moments as a happily wedded couple on camera. These are images you’ll treasure for a lifetime!


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