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Wedding selfie stick is a hit with brides

Luxury wedding selfie sticks are a thing. Not only do they exist, but they’re actually a hit with brides who want to shoot selfies on their big day with style.


Source: Michael Zhang, PetaPixel


The New York-based boutique Reem Acra recently unveiled a $500 selfie stick that’s covered with Swarovski crystals and white blossoms. It’s being sold for a whopping $500 each, and it’s already out of stock.

The New York Post reports that the “narciss-stick” debuted at Reem Acra’s fall 2016 bridal show last week and has flown off the shelves at the brand’s Fifth Avenue flagship store.

“The bridal selfie stick and headphones were a way for me to communicate a bride’s desire to tune out the rest of the world and simply have fun,” Acra tells Vogue. “Posed pictures can look formal and serious, and the selfie stick will give everyone something to smile about.”

If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, you can pay a visit to the Reem Acra store in NYC.


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