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Wedding Tips April 2015

Wedding Invitation Etiquette Do’s And Don’ts

With the popular summer wedding months right around the corner, most couples are deep into the planning process. But when it comes to invitation and RSVP etiquette, it’s often times confusing for the happy couple and their guests. What is the proper protocol?

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Seasonal Guide To Gorgeous Wedding Flowers

Many brides find themselves in for a rude awakening at their first florist appointment when they discover that the peony bouquet they’ve been dreaming of since childhood isn’t going to be an option for their August nuptials. Since flowers are seasonal, the time of year you get married has a direct impact on your wedding’s floral scheme. While it is often possible to import out-of-season flowers from a warmer climate, those blossoms can cost up to 50-percent more than they would in season — and that’s a lot of the budget to blow!

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Weddings and Insurance

Wedding season will be here very soon and while every bride dreams of the perfect day, very few think about what could possibly go wrong. From a sick bride or groom to a wedding weather disaster, unwanted catastrophes can come in all shapes and sizes for this special day.

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5 Things The Bride And Groom Must Do For Themselves

A wedding will not plan itself with little attention from the bride and/or groom, even if you hire an experienced, professional wedding planner. I’m sorry, but that’s the facts of life. You can find the best planner in the world and pay her a ton of money and give her an unlimited budget (which rarely, if ever, happens), and she can do the vast majority of the planning for you; however, there are some decisions the bride and groom must make.

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Wedding Registry Trends

New nearly-weds, it’s time to grab that registry gun and download those gift-getting apps. Now that you have officially said yes, we predict that your parents will soon be urging you to register for gifts. Why? Because your friends and families will want to send you congratulatory presents for your engagement, shower and wedding day–and take it from us, you want to ensure those gifts will be things you actually need.

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Are you planning to attend a Bridal Show?

When you attend a bridal show, you have an opportunity to personally meet & speak with wedding professionals in your area on a face-to-face level. Find tips for attending a bridal show and Local Bridal Shows here.


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