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Wedding Tips July 2014

Romantic Wedding Destinations

Are you looking for the best Destination Wedding and Honeymoon hot spots? Welcome to our new Romantic Destinations page. Please check back often for more romantic destinations.

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Top 10 First Dance Wedding Songs, Summer 2014

Wedding season is in full swing, and everyone from your best friend to your third cousin is saying “I do” to their significant others. Spotify analyzed more than 30,000 wedding playlists to predict which song your betrothed pals will choose for their first dance.

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Are You Going To Have A ‘Shadow Wedding’

A shadow wedding is an alternative wedding ceremony that takes place a week before your “traditional” ceremony, and in it, you work through a kind of “dark side” of your habits/flaws/shortcomings.

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Amazing Wedding Updos From Every Angle

As far as important hair and makeup moments go, not much can compare to your wedding day. But deciding on a look isn’t easy: You have to take the dress, wedding venue, date, theme, and other specifics into account and meld it all into one cohesive form.

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How Much Do I Have To Spend On Wedding Gifts?

It doesn’t matter if you’re going, if you receive a wedding invitation, you should send a gift of some sort to the couple. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, and even if you’re on a tight budget, you may be able to come up with a little something to congratulate the couple.

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Are you planning to attend a Bridal Show?

Tip #7: Find A Bridal Show… Use our list of bridal show producers to find Local Bridal Shows in your area. Have a great time and enjoy the show!

When you attend a bridal show, you have an opportunity to personally meet & speak with wedding professionals in your area on a face-to-face level. Find more Tips For Attending A Bridal Show and Local Bridal Shows here. Next tip…

– Try out different wedding styles trending this year