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Wedding Tips July 2015

5 Things To Know Before Hiring A Wedding Planner

For some brides, the ability to leave the stress of the nitty-gritty details to a professional is worth setting aside 10% of their wedding budget, the amount Wisconsin-based industry veteran Nancy Flottmeyer recommends to cover a planner’s fees. Then again, some brides thrive on the planning process, and the (sometimes) thousands of dollars they’d pay a planner could be spent on the honeymoon (or, better yet, paying down credit card debt or establishing an emergency fund–you’re a grown-up now, you know).

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Destination Wedding Packing Tips

After spending months preparing for your wedding, it’s a delight to finally reach the point of getting ready to pack. Now you can start dreaming of sunshine and sand between your bridal toes and jetting off to say “I-Do” in your chosen destination wedding paradise.

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Eight Prime Locations For A Destination Wedding On A Budget

The proposal may have come as a surprise, but what shouldn’t at this point is just how much that resulting wedding is going to cost you. Because whether you’ve said “I do” once before, stood at the altar as a member of a wedding party or simply attended a destination wedding, you know just how pricey they can be. But this doesn’t mean you have to quash your dreams of getting married overlooking the ocean or on a hillside retreat.

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Finding A Unique Venue For Your Event

In today’s society hosting an event includes making sure your guests walk away at the end of the event with the “WOW” factor … What does that mean? It means that all of the elements of the event leave the guests feeling sensational, wanting more and gives them something to talk about for years. It’s leaving them with wonderful memories of all the details of the event that captured their attention. From the venue, to the menu, to the program and entertainment it is actually the venue that sets the stage!

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Small Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

In planning our wedding, my husband and I knew we wanted to add personal touches to our day without bloating our budget. We were getting married in a beautiful hotel ballroom. It was perfect for us and our guest. However, with an all-inclusive package we didn’t want to add anything overtly over-budget. Instead, we found some small additions that still allowed us to take full advantage of the benefits of an all-inclusive venue. Looking through our pictures, I’m glad we spent the time putting these personal touches in our wedding, they helped make our day special. I’m excited that we’ll have these little details to remember in the years to come.

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Are you planning to attend a Bridal Show?

When you attend a bridal show, you have an opportunity to personally meet & speak with wedding professionals in your area on a face-to-face level. Find tips for attending a bridal show and Local Bridal Shows here.